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Metrology Solutions Expo (MSI Viking)
Contact Jay Luis, Global Marketing Communications Manager, jay.luis@ndc.com
*Beta LaserMike Products Team Showcases the New Z-Mike Pro*
The new Z-Mike Pro is next evolution of the industry’s leading off-line part measurement system with over 15,000 gauges installed worldwide. Z-Mike Pro provides fast, accurate and repeatable dimensional measurements of outer diameter, inner diameter, ovality, multiple ODs, effective cutting diameter, TIR, taper, and part position, to name few. The foremost manufacturers rely on Z-Mike Pro’s ±0.5 ?m accuracy and ±0.13 ?m repeatability to help them deliver the superior-quality products their customers demand. Ready for service under Industry 4.0, Z-Mike Pro offers expanded connectivity, communication, and control features that increase performance capabilities. Two Z-Mike Pro models are available to meet your specific measurement needs.
Ort Greenville, SC