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MD&M Minneapolis 2018
Contact Jay Luis, Global Marketing Communications Manager, jay.luis@ndc.com
*Visit the Beta LaserMike Booth to See the Latest Measurement and Control Solutions for Medical Tube*
On display is the Beta LaserMike MEDSTATION portable measurement system for in-process gauging and control of medical tube products. System includes:
> InControl™– the industry’s most intuitive process visualization and control system for effectively monitoring Beta LaserMike gauges and control production processes to drive quality manufacturing.
> UltraScan – the industry’s leading Ultrasonic gauge with auto-setup and calibration for precise measurement of product wall thickness and concentricity.
> AccuScan 6012 – the industry’s only 4-axis diameter and ovality gauge for products up to 12 mm that provides 100% ovality measurement accuracy and the highest flaw detection accuracy over three-axis gauges.
> LaserSpeed® – the industry’s leading non-contact length and speed gauge with better than ±0.03% accuracy -- the highest in the industry.

Also on display is the new BenchMike Pro bench-top diameter and ovality gauge is an example of things to come from the Beta LaserMike products team at NDC Technologies. BenchMike Pro sports sleek, modern styling and offers expanded connectivity, communication and control features consistent with Industry 4.0 that increase performance capabilities to deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability and ease of use. The foremost plastic tube manufacturers rely on BenchMike’s ±0.9 um accuracy and ±0.25 um repeatability to help them deliver the superior-quality products their customers demand. Over 15,000 installations worldwide.

Ort Minneapolis, MN