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Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
Beta LaserMike Inc.
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Beta LaserMike Introduces Laser Non-Contact Measurement System for Plastic Extrusion Applications

Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, introduces the LaserSpeed® non-contact encoder to help plastics manufacturers accurately control the length and speed of products during extrusion processes.

Controlling the length and speed of product during continuous and semi-continuous extrusion processes is critically important to producing quality results. Speed fluctuations directly affect the elongation, surface finishing, and hardening of material. Defects can manifest themselves as surface cracking, internal cracking, piping effect, and surface lines. Obtaining accurate length measurements is also important to controlling cutting operations because it ensures materials are produced to specific product size requirements.

The LaserSpeed encoder from Beta LaserMike solves this problem because it directly measures the product’s surface without contact. Unlike mechanical contact encoders that indirectly measure products and are subject to slippage and calibration issues, LaserSpeed uses advanced laser-based technology to precisely measure the length and speed of product during production. This laser encoder projects a unique pattern on the surface of the extruded product. As the product moves, light is scattered back to the LaserSpeed encoder. This information is translated into product speed and pulses are produced to determine the product length. Length and speed measurements are captured with better than +0.05% accuracy, +/-0.02% repeatability. Beta LaserMike offers a complete line of LaserSpeed encoders with measurement speeds up to 39,400 ft/min (12,000 m/min), standoff distances to 39.4 in (1000 mm), and measurement depth of field to 3.0 in (100 mm).

The LaserSpeed encoder is designed for heavy industrial environments, is easy to install, and is factory calibrated for low-maintenance operation. The measurement is performed optically, so there are no parts to wear out. Manufacturers realize significant savings in the first few months and benefit from a low cost of ownership.

For more information on Beta LaserMike’s LaserSpeed measurement system, visit http://www.laserspeedgauge.com