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Data Collection & Monitoring Systems

Data Collection and Monitoring Systems
Keeping your finger on the pulse of performance.

Data collection is critical for monitoring the dimensional aspects of your production process. Without it, it is very difficult to ensure that your products are being manufactured to highest quality at all points along the production continuum. Our data collection and monitoring systems enable you to effectively monitor and manage one or more Beta LaserMike gauges on your production line, so you have complete visibility of your process for immediate corrective action and delivering optimum results. Our systems include:

  • AccuNet comprehensive supervisory networking software for multi-gauge applications.Learn More »
  • MultiScan32 comprehensive system to measure the diameter of multiple product strands.Learn More »
  • DP500 indicator for simple LaserSpeed length and speed information.Learn More »
  • DP700 display system to present LaserSpeed length, velocity, quality factor, and gauge status, as well as configure gauge and process settings.Learn More »


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