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DataPro 700

DataPro 700
LaserSpeed Display System

The new DataPro 700 is a complete, multi-function system that enables you to quickly and easily display length, velocity, quality factor, and gauge status from Beta LaserMike’s LaserSpeed gauge. Using a simple color touch-screen interface, you can easily configure LaserSpeed operating parameters. This compact and versatile display also lets you create and store gauge and process recipes, establish system security, set local language preferences, configure input/output signals, and more. The new DataPro 700 display also flexibly supports several communication protocols, such as RS-232, Ethernet UDP, and Ethernet/IP, and enables you to communicate to multiple external devices simultaneously.

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  • Easily configure operating parameters.

    Extensive configuration capabilities enable you to establish production settings, setup operating parameters, and configure I/O signals. Set up security for users and system protection including access rights and password protection.

    DataPro 700 Screen
  • Quickly perform make-ready functions for higher productivity.

    Manage up to 16 different gauge setting recipes and easily recall recipes for quick changeovers.

    DataPro 700 Screen
  • Get reliable, flexible communications capabilities

    The DP700 supports multiple communication protocols simultaneously including RS-232, Ethernet UDP, and EtherNet/IP.

    Ethernet/IP, Profibus, RS 232 Logos
  • The DP700 display for LaserSpeed can be used in a wide range of industries and applications that requires you to monitor non-contact length and speed measurements. Typical industries include:

    • Converting
    • Pipe and Tube
    • Printing
    • Carpet
    • Extrusion
    • Wire and Cable
    • Tire
    • Rubber
    • Labeling
    • Packaging
    • Sheet/Film
    • Metals
    • Paper
    • Building Materials
    • Nonwovens
    • Specialty Materials
  • The following technical information provides performance data.
    • Display: 4.3 inch, Full-Color, Touch Screen
    • Communications: RS-232, Ethernet UDP, Ethernet/IP
    • Gauge Support: LaserSpeed 4000-3/8000-3/9000-3
    • Mount: Panel Mount
    • Dimensions: 128 mm (5 in) W x 102 mm (4 in) H x 38.3 mm (1.5 in) D
    • Power Requirements: +24 VDC, 250 mA
    • Temperature Range: 0 – 45°C (32 – 113 °F)


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