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Precisely Measure Any Cable Profile

Beta LaserMike’s ActiveScan measurement system outperforms traditional stationary and motion-based diameter gauges used to measure cables with unique profiles. ActiveScan effectively monitors and controls the height and width of flat, sector, and special-shaped cables with the highest precision regardless of product alignment or angular rotation. Its unique, non-contact oscillating measurement method ensures repeatable accuracy, faster product changeovers, and higher productivity for greater profits.

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  • Measures any cable profile with the highest accuracy

    Measure the height and width of flat, sector (such as straight or pre-spiraled), and special-shaped cables up to 40 mm (1.50 in). Measure products at any line speed with ±0.001 mm (±0.000040 in) accuracy. Proprietary STAC Logic software captures and processes dimensional data, and provides precise height and width measurements.

    image of cables
  • Reliable, long-lasting operation

    Completely pneumatic motion system uses no electronic components for the lowest possible maintenance and highest reliability, and is engineered for long-term operation. Conforms to CE standards.

    image of ActiveScan

  • Total process control and communications versatility

    Integrates with Beta LaserMike DataPro controllers for complete process management. Also interfaces with Profibus, Ethernet IP, and RS-232.

    Ethernet/IP, Profibus, RS 232 Logos
  • Measure flat, sector, and special-shaped cables including product types such as:

    • Power cable
    • Building and Equipment cable
    • Automotive cable
    • Optical cable
    • Datacom cable
    • Telecom cable
  • The following technical information provides performance data.
    • Measurement Profile: Height and width up to 40 mm (1.50 in)
    • Speed: Any production line speed
    • Accuracy: ±0.001 mm (±0.000040 in)1
    • Stroke Speed: 0.5 – 4.0 sec
    • Stroke Length: Up to 50 mm (1.97 in)2
    • Oscillation Angle: Up to ±10 degrees2

    1±0.02% of product size.
    2Longer stroke lengths for greater oscillation angle are available upon request.


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