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CenterScan 2010

CenterScan 2010
Non-Contact Eccentricity Measurement System

When the core of insulated wire and cable moves off-center, your product quality suffers. And with the increasingly tighter tolerances demanded by users, unchecked wire or cable eccentricity can leave you with reels of unusable product.

The CenterScan 2010 measurement system accurately and reliably monitors the diameter of insulated wire and cable, and eccentricity of conductors, during extrusion and insulation processes. This intelligent gauge never touches your product and enables you to run higher line speeds and produce more finished wire and cable in less time while maintaining the highest level of measurement accuracy.

  • Compact design meets broader installation requirements.

    Install CenterScan at a wider range of production line locations to reliably monitor the diameter of insulated wire and cable, and eccentricity of conductors, during extrusion and insulation processes. Robust electronics with superior immunity to noise allows you to locate the gauge closer to other line devices to deliver the most accurate measurements.

    man holding the CenterScan 2010
  • Fast, easy setup and operation.

    CenterScan 2010 is factory calibrated and requires no special adjustments or setups to get your wire or cable properly centered and ready to run. Requires no servo or mechanical tracking system or special guide rollers to keep your product centered. And, it is less sensitive to wire or cable position allowing your product to be set within a 6 mm (.24 in) window.

    CenterScan 2010

  • Capture measurements with the highest accuracy.

    Specially-engineered, optical and inductive technology lets you perform ultra-accurate, low-drift measurements and accurate product positioning. Use the DataPro 5000 to monitor and control product and process-critical information including wire and cable position, diameter, eccentricity, ovality, and wall thickness.

    High Accuracy Measurement
  • The CenterScan 2010 is a proven performer in a wide range of wire and cable industry segments.
    It is designed to effectively measure all round, single conductor wire and cable with solid or stranded conductors.
    Wire and cable industry segments include:

    • LAN
    • RF
    • Coaxial
    • Mini Coaxial
    • Telephone
    • Automotive
    • Installation
  • Image of CenterScan 2010

    Monitoring Cable Diameter and Eccentricity

    Manufacturer using the CenterScan 2010 system to accurately monitor the diameter of insulated cable and eccentricity of conductor during extrusion and insulation processes.

  • Image of CenterScan 2010

    Measuring Datacom Wire Eccentricity

    Wire manufacturer using the CenterScan 2010 system on its primary extrusion line to accurately measure the conductor eccentricity of datacom wire.

  • The following technical information provides performance data.
    For specific product details, please refer to our data sheets.
    • Multi-function: eccentricity, diameter, flaw detection
    • Measure diameters from 0.1 – 10 mm (0.004 – .40 in)
    • Accuracy: ±0.0005 mm (±0.000020 in)
    • Resolution: 0.00001 mm (0.0000004 in)
    • Measurement speed: 1200 per axis per second
    • Dimensions (overall): 463 x 279 x 202 mm (18.25 x 11 x 7.96 in)
    • Weight: 12.3 kg (27 lbs)
    • Operating temperature: 5 – 50°C (41 – 122°F)
    • Power: 24 VDC; 2.3 AMP


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