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Spark Testers
On-line Detection of Faults

Spark Testers from Beta LaserMike provide on-line detection of faults in cable insulation, such as voids and pin holes. All Spark Testers are height-adjustable and floor mounted for easy placement in line. Standard models are available for a variety of applications, including high-frequency models for higher line speeds. Spark Testers can be controlled via the SI900 spark tester indicator with standard RS-232 communication and built-in I/O, or via a Profibus interface module. Beta LaserMike offers both standard and high-frequency models to meet your unique measurement needs.

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  • Spark testing approved.

    Meets virtually all international spark testing standards.

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  • Multiple safety features.

    EHT warning lamps, interlock safety switches, ozone extraction ports, and current limiting circuits provide peace-of-mind safety to your equipment, process, and personnel.

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  • Smart features for efficient operation.

    Grounding chains to remove excess charge on cable. Easy threading at startup. Unique bead chain design for individual strand replacement. And more.

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  • Spark Testers from Beta LaserMike are proven performers in a wide range of cable industries. These gauges are designed to effectively detect cable faults with the highest accuracy. Industry applications include:

    • Communication cable (i.e., coaxial, CATV, etc.)
    • Power cable
    • Building cable
    • Specialty cable
    • And more...
  • The following technical information provides a range of performance information across all models.
    For specific product details to meet your unique application needs, please refer to our data sheets.
  • Standard

    • OD Range: 1 – 150 mm (0.04 – 6.0 in.)
    • Test Voltage: 1 – 25 kV
    • Max Line Speed: Up to 400 m/min. (1300 ft/min.)
    • Max Electrode Current* : 10/4.5 mA


    • OD Range: 0.1 - 20 mm (0.004 – 0.8 in.)
    • Test Voltage: 1 – 12 kV
    • Max Line Speed: Up to 3000 m/min. (9840 ft/min.)
    • Max Electrode Current* : 6/25 mA



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