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Lay Length Measurement System

The patented Beta LaserMike LayScan measurement system accurately and consistently measures the lay length of twisted pairs used in telecommunication cables. The system uses optical, non-contact measurement technology to perform on-line, high-speed lay length measurements with the highest accuracy.  Providing high-data rate capabilities, LayScan precisely determines the variations in lay length within each lay. This enables you to observe systematic lay variations that are typically caused by twinning and cabling operations.

  • Capture lay length data with the highest accuracy.

    Four (4) individual sensors capture, display, and store the lay length data for up to four pairs. Perform on-line, high-speed measurements to within 0.025 mm (0.001 in.).

    LayScan sensors

  • Acquire and report critical lay data.

    Data acquisition system effectively collects and processes the lay length data and reports measurement results. Software includes operator interface to display measured results. Collected data is made available for local storage on PC.

    LayScan software

  • FFT analysis effectively monitors variations. (Click image to view)

    Closely monitor lay trending and any changes in lay length variations during production for post-analysis and remedial action. Use LayScan to improve product performance, minimize cost and scrap, and reduce product development cycles.

    Technical illustration
  • LayScan is designed to accurately and consistently measure the lay lengths of twisted pairs for high-performance category communication cables. Industry applications include:

    • Cat 5 cables
    • Cat 5e cables
    • Cat 6 cables
  • The following technical information provides performance information.
    For specific product details, please refer to our data sheets.
    • Measurement Accuracy: to within 1 mil (0.001 in.)
    • Sensor: 4 pair lay sensor heads
    • Hardware: LayScan I/O Box, LaserSpeed non-contact gauge, PC
    • Software: LayScan software


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