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Image of the AccuNet Benchtop

AccuNet Benchtop
Economical and User-Friendly Off-line Part Measurement System

The AccuNet Benchtop Measurement System is for customers looking to quickly and easily setup an off-line part measurement system that is capable of checking samples, generating trend charts, providing SPC and logging the data. It also allows operators to use Beta LaserMike’s on-line gauges in an off-line environment, such as a lab or production floor QC station. This reduces the learning curve of operators already familiar with Beta LaserMike’s on-line gauges. AccuNet Benchtop is available in single- or multiple-axis versions.

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  • Simple to setup.

    Easily setup and connect gauges directly to an optional PC either through USB or Ethernet.

    Image of a USB connector

  • User-friendly system. (Click image to view)

    Effortless setup of gauge(s), multiple part recipes storage, run menus, and color-coded displays make AccuNet a very user-friendly software.

    Technical illustration

  • Efficiently mount workpieces.

    Optional customized bases and part fixtures are available to ensure rapid and accurate mounting of the part.

    Image of a part fixture

  • The AccuNet Benchtop system is a proven performer in a wide range of industries. It is designed to provide off-line measurement efficiency with the greatest flexibility. Industries include:

    • Wire and Cable
    • Fiber Optic
    • Rubber and Plastic
    • Tube and Pipe
    • Metals
    • And more...
  • The following technical information provides performance data.
    For specific product details, please refer to our data sheets.
  • Computer System & Hardware Requirements

    • IBM PC or compatible, 2.0GHz processor, 1 GB Ram, 80 GB Hard Drive
    • Operating System - Microsoft® Windows XP or Vista
    • Single- or multi-port USB to DB9 serial converter
    • 5 - port Ethernet switch

    Gauges and Processor

    • Beta LaserMike AccuScan 5000 series gauges


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