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Images of the BenchMike Pro

NEW BenchMike Pro
The Industry’s Leading Off-Line Diameter & Ovality Measurement System

The new BenchMike Pro is next evolution of the industry’s leading off-line diameter and ovality measurement system with over 15,000 gauges installed worldwide. BenchMike Pro provides fast, accurate and repeatable dimensional measurements of diameter, multiple ODs, ovality, part position, multiple part dimensions (OD and ID), wall thickness, total runout, and gap settings between rollers, to name few. The foremost manufacturers rely on BenchMike Pro’s ±0.9 μm accuracy and ±0.25 μm repeatability to help them deliver the superior-quality products their customers demand. Ready for service under Industry 4.0, BenchMike Pro offers expanded connectivity, communication, and control features that increase performance capabilities. Two BenchMike Pro models are available to meet your specific measurement needs.

  • A variety of Modular Fixtures are available for any gauging need to properly hold workpieces.
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  • Powerful connectivity, communication and control. (Click image to view)

    Ethernet and USB connectivity simplifies integrating the gauge into centralized production networks. Additional USB resources provide greater flexibility in connecting BenchMike Pro to computers, data gathering devices and USB printers that support the CUPS protocol. This new platform lays the foundation for future connection via Wi-Fi.

    Technical illustration

  • Easy-to-use features for simple setup and operation. (Click image to view)

    Larger, higher-resolution, touch-screen graphical user interface gives operators a quick, simple means of viewing dimensional measurement, accessing gauge and system information, changing parts via libraries, and generating sample, batch, and fixture reports.

    Screen Shot

  • No field calibration required. (Click image to view)

    BenchMike Pro uses a combination of built-in, auto-calibration and dual-differentiation technology that provides unmatched accuracy without the need for fiend calibration.

    Image of touch screen
  • The BenchMike Pro gauges are proven performers in a wide range of industries. These gauges are designed to provide accurate and repeatable measurements of product samples. Industries include:

    • Wire and Cable
    • Fiber Optic
    • Rubber and Plastic
    • Tube and Pipe
    • Metals
    • And more...
  • Image of the BenchMike

    Tube Dimensional Measurement

    BenchMike Pro is used by QC departments and on the plant floor to precisely measure cut samples of tubing, enabling manufacturers to hold tight production tolerances.

  • Image of the BenchMike

    Wire and Cable Dimensional Measurement

    Manufacturers use BenchMike Pro to quickly and accurately determine the dimensional measurements of cut wire or cable samples so products meet the exacting specifications of customers.

  • The following technical information provides a range of performance data across all models.
    For specific product details to meet your unique application needs, please refer to our data sheets.
  • BenchMike Pro 2025

    • OD Range: 0.100 - 25 mm (0.004 - 1.0 in.)
    • Range Accuracy: ±0.9 µm (±0.000036 in.)

    BenchMike Pro 2050

    • OD Range: 0.254 – 50 mm (0.010 – 2.0 in.)
    • Range Accuracy: ±1.5 µm (±0.000060 in.)


Application Notes

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