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Image of the Model HPCC-iDB

RF Coaxial Cable Test Automation
Model HPCC-iDB
Precision Coaxial Cable Test Automation

The DCM HPCC- iDB is a commercial, off-the-shelf software solution that is provided as a stand-alone solution in combination with customer provided measurement hardware, or is combined with a fully integrated DCM test solution.  The HPCC- iDB is the most advanced solution for testing RF cables in aerospace and defense industry vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, tanks, and other vehicle types.  The solution can be used for testing the RF parameters of RF cable assemblies located on the test bench, within harnesses or inside the vehicle under test.  

Each Coaxial Cable Test Solution requires a vector network analyzer and VNA calibration kits covering the desired impedances and frequency ranges.

Cable Inventory Management System

Additionally, the HPCC-iDB includes a complete cable inventory management system for managing the testing of the cables included within the vehicle sub-assembly or complete vehicle. This feature assists the operator with controlling, managing and monitoring the testing process.

    • Fast, easy RF network analyzer testing of high performance coaxial cables
    • VSWR, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, Phase, and TDR reporting of distance to fault
    • Specifically developed for aerospace and defense vehicles
    • Fully automates network analyzer functions making it simple and easy to use
    • Test on the bench, on the production line, or in the finished vehicle
    • Complete vehicle cable inventory management system
    • Automatic RF adaptor compensation
    • Complete test reporting and full database functions
    • Turn-key and ready to go - no user programming required

    • Flight line/production line testing
    • Bench-testing of cable assemblies
  • Return Loss Insertion Loss
    VSWR Velocity of Propagation
    Impedance Phase Matching
    Insertion Loss Matching TDR – distance to fault


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