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Image of the Model COAX-3000

Coaxial Cable Test Automation
Model COAX-3000

The DCM Model COAX-3000 is a software program that provides a simple, easy-to-use interface that automates network analyzers, specifically for testing coaxial cables. All types and sizes of cables can be measured with an expandable and flexible test platform for coaxial cables, cable assemblies and cable harnesses.  

The COAX-3000 provides the controls for the network analyzer with no programming required by the user.  The tests are performed in accordance with the user’s requirements and the results automatically compared to specified test limits.  A full range of graphical and tabular test reports is available.  Facilities for managing stored data are also included.  

Each Coaxial Cable Test Solution requires a vector network analyzer and VNA calibration kits covering the desired impedances and frequency ranges.

    • Completely automates Network Analyzer measurements
    • Provides complete test reports
    • Includes Vector Error Correction Calibration Manager
    • Full compliment of measurement parameters, including VSWR, Insertion Loss, Impedance and more
    • Phase and Insertion Loss Matching
    • No programming required
    • Factory Quality Testing of Coaxial Cables and Cable Assemblies
    • Certification Testing of Coaxial Cables
  • Input Impedance (Zin) Characteristic Impedance (Zo)
    Average Impedance Return Loss
    Structural Return Loss VSWR (SWR)
    Insertion Loss Velocity of Propagation
    Insertion Loss Matching Phase Matching


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