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Image of the CATS-3000

Shielding Effectiveness Test System
Model CATS-3000

The DCM CATS-3000 provides cable producers and test laboratories with a test solution for the automatic measurement of Coupling Attenuation, Screening Attenuation, and Transfer Impedance. The CATS-3000 provides full compliance to TIA-568-C.2 and IEC requirements for the testing of shielded/screened twisted-pair Category data cables.

The CATS-3000 provides a tri-axial test method utilized to test over the frequency range from 30 MHz to 1 GHz. The test software enables complete test automation, is simple to use, and provides complete test reporting and data storage.

    • Automatic measurement of shielded twisted-pair cables:
      • - Coupling Attenuation
      • - Screening Attenuation
      • - Transfer Impedance
    • Provides compliance with ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 for Category 5e, 6 and 6A shielded/screened cables
    • Provides compliance with IEC-61156-5 (2009) for Category 5e, 6, 6A, 7 and 7A for Type I, and Type II, shielded/screened cables
    • Provides compliance with most other International and U.S. screening efficiency specifications, including IEC62153.4.3,
      IEC 60096-1, IEC 61196-1, and SCTE
    • Measurements performed according to IEC 62153-4-9 using the tri-axial method
    • Test frequency range from 30 MHz to 1 GHz with up to 100 meters of cable test length
    • Fast, simple and easy – provides VNA automation and automated test reporting

    • Coupling Attenuation tesing of shielded LAN cables
    • Screening Attenuation testing of RF, LAN, and other shielded cables
    • Transfer Impedence testing of RF, LAN, and other shielded cables
  • Coupling Attenuation Tests

    Cable Type Frequency Range
    Shielded Category 5e 30 MHz – 100 MHz
    Shielded Category 6 30 MHz – 250 MHz
    Shielded Category 6A 30 MHz – 500 MHz
    Category 7 30 MHz – 1 GHz
    Category 7A 30 MHz – 1 GHz

    Transfer Impedence (TI) Tests

    • TI is tested in the frequency range ≤ 100 MHz and per IEC, ISO, and TIA requirements
    • TI is tested at ≤ 1 GHz per SCTE requirements

    Screening Attenuation (SA) Tests

    • SA is used for frequencies > 100 MHz
    * The CATS-3000 is ideal for TI and SA measurements of screened twisted pairs and individually shielded twisted pairs.


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