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Image of the Model 3S-PCX

Broadband Telecom Cable Test System
Model 3S-PCX

The DCM Model 3S-PCX automatic cable test system provides the most reliable and repeatable test platform available for testing twisted-pair telecom cables. The 3S-PCX includes two test fixtures, near end and far end, for testing cables up to 100 MHz. Fixtures are available in 26-, 52-, and 104-pair configurations.

Replacement Solution for Existing DCM CMS-2PCX Systems
The new DCM Model 3S-PCX cable testing system is the perfect solution for replacing your existing DCM CMS-2PCX system. The new DCM 3S-PCX uses the advanced DCM 3S solid-state switching platform, eliminating mechanical switches. This means lower maintenance and a lower cost of ownership. Plus, you’ll be able to test more cable in less time with higher-quality results. You’ll realize significant savings, while still enjoying the benefits you’ve come to expect from DCM cable testing solutions. Contact us today!

    • Highly reliable, fast, accurate solid-state switching technology
    • Testing of multi-pair, broadband telecommunication cables up to 100 MHz
    • Ideal for testing telecom cables intended for DSL applications
    • Fixtures are available in 26-pair, 52-pair, and 104-pair configurations
    • Fully automated and simple to use
    • Easy-to-read, summary, graphic and detailed test reports

    • Factory Quality Testing of Broadband Telephone Cables
    • Certification Testing of Telecom Cables
  • Attenuation Near End Crosstalk Propagation Delay
    Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (ACR) Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio Far End (ACRF) Propagation Delay Skew
    Power Sum ACR I/OFEXT Velocity of Propagation
    Return Loss Power Sum NEXT Conductor Resistance
    Structural Return Loss Power Sum ACRF Resistance Unbalance
    Input Impedance Mutual Capacitance
    Characteristic Impedance Capacitance Unbalance pair to pair, pair to ground and pair to shield


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