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Image of the Model 3S-LF-2000

Multi-Pair Cable LCR Test Set
Model 3S-LF2000
Capacitance and Resistance LCR Test System

DCM Model 3S-LF2000 is a high-speed, solid-state switching measurement system. The 3S-LF2000 is ideal for testing data cables, control cables, and telecommunication cables. The 3S-LF2000 can be used alone or in conjunction with high-frequency measurement systems.

    • Fast, easy testing of LF Parameters on Twisted Pair Cables
    • Ideal for LAN cables, high-speed data cables and instrumentation/control cables
    • 4-pair solid-state switching system
    • Automated testing with complete test reporting

    • Factory Quality Testing of Twisted Pair Cables
    • Process testing of semi-finished cables
  • Parameter Units Normalization
    Mutual Capacitance Pico or nano farads Raw or length normalized
    Capacitance Unbalance to Ground Pico farads Raw or length normalized
    Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Pair Pico farads Raw or length normalized
    DC Conductor Resistance (CR) Ohms 20 C, raw or length
    Resistance Unbalance % or Ohms Calculated from CR*
    Inductance/Mutual Inductcance Nano Henrys Raw or length normalized
    Attenuation (Inseration Loss) dB Calculated at Single Frequency
    Characteristic Impedance Ohms Calculated at Single Frequency
    Crosstalk (Near End, Far End) dB Calculated at Single Frequency
  • * Resistance Unbalance can be calculated on a conductor or loop basis. Either formula may be selected:
    1. Conductor: Rmax - Rmin/Rmin
    2. Loop: Rmax - Rmin/Rmax + Rmin


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