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We live in a world where increasingly tighter tolerances are a way of life - and so is the pressure to turn out precision parts efficiently. That's why you can't compromise on the accuracy of your measurement systems - which is precisely why we don't compromise on our measurement solutions.

Beta LaserMike's off-line dimensional measurement gauges give you the absolute truth about your parts. And because nothing but laser light touches your product, there's no part distortion or operator influence to affect your measurements. You can measure soft, delicate, brittle, hot, even radioactive parts with complete confidence.

Our gauges are designed with the versatility to measure a wide range of part dimensions. Our gauges can perform a wide range of dimensional measurements including:

  • Outer Diameter
  • Multiple ODs
  • TIR
  • Taper
  • Straightness
  • Part Position
  • Height
  • Width
  • Gap Between Parts

Learn how our precision dimensional measurement solutions can you give you the quality and productivity advantage. Learn More >


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