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Pipe & Tube

Plastic pipe manufactures have been pursuing accurate product inspection methods for many years. Quality control and material savings have been the primary drivers utilized to justify the investment.

Plastic tube manufacturers face challenges as diverse as the markets and customers they serve. Producers of IVs, catheters or other medical tubes face strict regulations from government organizations and customers that hold them liable for absolute product quality and safety.

Automotive tube manufacturers have high demands for tubing that holds tight tolerances, along with thorough documentation to prove quality claims.
Heat-shrink tube manufacturers must extrude consistent wall thickness before taking the tubes to expansion lines, in order to ensure proper thermal shrink ratios.

Manufacturers of irrigation tubes, industrial tubes or any of a wide variety of tubes for consumer products must constantly strive to find new ways to increase production efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs in order to improve profit margins in a competitive environment.

Beta LaserMike gives manufacturers the competitive edge by offering the most comprehensive process control instrumentation to solve their application challenges. As a market leader, we understand our customers’ quality, cost, and measurement and process control objectives and work with them to create innovative, reliable solutions that improve product quality while lowering costs. Learn how our solutions can help your production process.

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Automatically measure and control plastic pipe production.


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Automatically measure and control plastic tube production.