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Wire, Cable & Fiber

Power and specialty cable manufacturers face a number of production challenges based around productivity and quality. Rising material prices and increased global competition only compound the issue. In order to succeed, manufacturers need to reduce production costs by using less material, minimizing scrap, and running at higher line speeds to make more finished product in less time.

Similarly, communication cable manufacturers face the same productivity and quality challenges. In addition, customers are calling for greater bandwidth, higher speed, and longer distance from their communication cables. Whether the communication medium is copper or optical fiber, the cable manufacturer must endeavor to push the limits of product quality and performance in order to remain economically competitive.

Beta LaserMike gives manufacturers the competitive edge by offering the most comprehensive process control instrumentation and automated cable testing solutions to solve their application challenges. As a market leader, we understand our customers’ quality, cost, and measurement and process control objectives and work with them to create innovative, reliable solutions that improve product quality while lowering costs. Learn how our solutions can help your production process.

Choose Your Industry / Application

Communication Cable

Communication Cable icon

Automatically measure and control communication cable production.

Power, Building & Specialty Cable
Power, Building & Specialty Cable icon

Automatically measure and control power and specialty cable production.

Fiber Optic

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Automatically measure and control fiber optic cable production.

DCM Cable Testing

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Automatically test LAN, Coaxial, Telecom, and Aerospace/Defense cables.