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NDC Technologies Showcases Complete System Solution for Precisely Measuring Plastic Products and Maximizing Productivity at Chinaplas 2015

Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
NDC Technologies
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

IRWINDALE, CA, February 27, 2015 –NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, exhibits its complete system solution for on-line and off-line gauging of plastic products at this year’s Chinaplas trade fair in Guangzhou, China from May 20-23, 2015 (Booth 9.2K31).

Film/Sheet Extrusion and Calendering Solutions
At booth 6854, NDC Technologies will present its wide range of solutions for the sheet and film industries for on-line measurement and control of thickness, weight and co-extrusion layers. Other specialty properties that NDC’s sensors can measure include the thickness of clear, voided, cavitated, porous and translucent films. In addition, NDC’s unique infrared technologies can measure the oil content in PE battery films including the wet cast film, after the biax stretch and in the final film itself.

In response to the industries’ drive for higher quality products, NDC has developed a number of unique infrared sensor technologies for non-contacting, non-nuclear measurement of film and sheet products. For example, NDC’s FG710S sensor applications include single- or multi-layer composition measurement for most polymeric film and sheet products ranging from 5 microns to 5 mm. It can also measure the thickness of clear, voided, cavitated, porous and translucent products. For thin, biaxially-orientated films, cast films, NDC’s TFG710ER sensor is engineered to measure CPE stretch films in the range of 2 microns to 100 microns.

Complementing NDC’s family of non-nuclear measurement solutions, the OptiMike OM190 optical micrometer provides direct, single-sided, non-contacting thickness measurement for extruded sheet and non-metallic thick film products. The optical measurement technique is unaffected by the color, density or gloss of the product.

Plastic Pipe and Tube Extrusion Solutions
At booth 2991, NDC will display its complete plastic pipe & tube extrusion line measurement and control system with Beta LaserMike gauges in place from the extruder through the puller station. The integrated system solution includes the new AccuScan 6012, the industry’s first four-axis diameter and ovality gauge for products up to 12 mm. The AccuScan 6012 improves ovality measurement accuracy by up to 100%, and provides the highest flaw detection accuracy with 25% improvement over three-axis gauges. NDC will also display the latest Beta LaserMike AccuScan 5000 Series two-axis diameter and ovality gauges. Both gauges perform ultra-fast measurements at 2400 scans per second per axis, with the four-axis gauge totaling 9600 measurements per second.

The latest LN3015/LN3040 lump and neckdown detectors quickly and reliably spot product flaws before they become costly production problems. Fast-sensing and processing technology instantly detects sudden changes in the product diameter (up to 15 mm and 40 mm) to effectively catch the smallest of flaws. The UltraScan ultrasonic gauge provides non-contact precision measurement of product wall thickness and concentricity. The patented “Snap Technology” automatically sets up the waveforms of all transducers, tracks tolerances to catch wall variations, and provides higher accuracy of average wall and concentricity measurements with assured repeatability. This gives plastic pipe and tube manufacturers the ability to immediately make process adjustments to avoid scrap and ensure quality results.

Also on display is the Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® non-contact gauge for measuring the length and speed of products. LaserSpeed delivers better than ±0.05% accuracy and ±0.02% repeatability, making it an ideal solution for replacing error-prone, high-maintenance contact tachometers. For off-line sample and cut part inspection, the BenchMike system provides fast, accurate dimensional measurement of inner diameter, outer diameter, and wall thickness.

Integral to the measurement system solution, NDC will show how the Beta LaserMike DataPro process controller and data management system ties all the gauges together to continuously monitor product dimensions and automatically control the line to keep production processes and product quality under control. In addition, the next generation of Beta LaserMike Process Controllers will be previewed at the show. The new InControl system brings an advanced level of graphical user interface, functionality, and ease of use to operators for increased productivity.

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