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Beta LaserMike Precision Measurement and Control System Enables Medical Tube Manufacturer to Significantly Reduce Start-up Time and Scrap with Extrusion Process

Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
NDC Technologies
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Dayton, OH – June 24, 2016 —NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and process control solutions, reports that its Beta LaserMike measurement system for plastic tube extrusion is enabling Ohio manufacturer Pleasant Precision, Inc. to realize a number of savings from reduced start-up time, scrap, labor costs and production times.

A number of years ago, Pleasant Precision implemented the first extrusion process to its production operations. The newly acquired extruder was equipped with a simple diameter gauging system to measure the outer diameter (OD) of the product for quality control purposes. The long-term goal was to optimize their process for the extrusion of thermoplastic tubing for the medical device industry. For the extrusion of plastic medical tubing, the critical measurement of the part was the Inner Diameter (ID). Over time, the company experienced process problems trying to keep the extruded part within specification. This resulted in a number of manufacturing and financial losses including scrapped material, rejected parts, and high defect rates.

After a thorough evaluation of several measurement system providers, Pleasant Precision selected the Beta LaserMike measurement and control system from NDC.

The system solution consists of the following equipment:

  • DataPro 5000 process control and data management system
  • AccuScan 5000 Series multi-axis laser diameter and ovality gauge
  • UltraScan ultrasonic wall thickness and eccentricity gauge

The Beta LaserMike UltraScan and AccuScan gauges along with the DataPro controller work as a system to measure and control the critical dimensional aspects of the extrusion process such as tube diameter and tube wall thickness. Since its implementation, the automated measurement and control system has delivered a number of bottom-line benefits to Pleasant Precision.

“The Beta LaserMike system provides an automated, hands-free approach for measuring and controlling the dimensional aspects of medical tubing on our extrusion line,” says Darryl Wren, Senior Process Engineer at Pleasant Precision, Inc. “Product quality is of paramount importance to us. The Beta LaserMike system enables us to quickly identify product issues, make immediate process adjustments and resume production to produce in-spec product. As a result, we have reduced scrap by 98% and start-up time by 89%. We also reduced our internal defect rate to 1.3% and achieved an external PPM of 0.”

About Pleasant Precision, Inc.
Operating from a state-of-the-art facility in Kenton, Ohio, Pleasant Precision, Inc (PPI) provides a wide range of services including mold design and mold manufacturing, thermoplastic injection molding, plastic extrusion and many secondary operations for customers producing industrial, automotive, medical and consumer products. The company specializes in the extrusion of tight tolerance medical tubing, producing products in three different sizes to cut length. For more information, visit