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NDC Technologies Exhibits Latest Solutions at Aluminium 2016 Dusseldorf that Drive Quality, Productivity and Savings

Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
NDC Technologies
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Dayton, OH – July 22, 2016 –NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will be exhibiting its complete portfolio of non-contact measurement solutions at Aluminium Dusseldorf.

NDC Technologies will present its AccuRay® TDi-700 X-Ray Thickness Measurement system and IG710S and SR710S Infrared Coating Weight system to measure organic, water-based, solvent-based and polymer coatings. These accurate, reliable gauges are used across a wide range of aluminium applications including casters, hot mills, cold mills, foil mills, and process lines. In addition, NDC will display its Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® gauge. LaserSpeed uses advanced laser-based technology to precisely measure the length and speed of aluminum products without contact, making it a direct replacement for rotary contact encoders and tachometers. Length and speed measurements are captured with better than ±-0.05% accuracy, ±0.02% reliability.

The latest DCM ES-2G LAN/Data cable testing system enables cable makers to test more cable faster and with higher quality results. The DCM ES-2G efficiently tests Cat 5/6/6a/7/7a/8 cables to 2.2 GHz. A new innovative technology eliminates the effect of jacket removal on reflection measurements, such as input impedance and return loss. An automated 4-pair switching platform enables operators to perform cable testing in less than 3 minutes. Easy-to-use testing software offers complete test management and reporting capabilities.

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