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Latest in Beta LaserMike Measurement and Control Solutions Presented at Cables 2017

Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
NDC Technologies
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Dayton, OH – January 31, 2017 –The Beta LaserMike products team from NDC Technologies will be presenting the latest solutions for in-process dimensional monitoring and automated quality cable testing at the upcoming Cables 2017 Conference and Exhibition in Cologne, Germany (March 7-9, 2017). The presentation will be focused on helping cable manufacturers maximize product quality, production efficiencies and savings.

The Beta LaserMike products team will be giving Cable 2017 attendees an inside look at the new AccuScan 6000 Series four-axis gauge. The AccuScan 6000 Series includes the AccuScan 6012 for measuring products up to 12 mm and the AccuScan 6050 for measuring products up to 50 mm. Both gauges deliver the fastest scan rate at 9600 scans/sec, highest ovality accuracy up to 100% and highest flaw-detection accuracy with 25% improvement over 3-axis gauges. Flexible communications allow for easy integration into production environments.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore the wide range of Beta LaserMike cable gauging solutions, such as:

  • LaserSpeed® – non-contact laser gauge that measures the length and speed of moving products with better than ±0.03% accuracy
  • LayScan – the most innovative gauging solution that accurately and consistently measures the lay length of twisted pairs at the cabler and twinner
  • BenchMike – the industry’s leading off-line diameter and ovality measurement system with over 15,000 units installed worldwide
  • DCM Cable Testing Systems -- for the quality testing of LAN/Data, Coaxial, Telecom and Aerospace cables
  • As well as other Beta LaserMike in-process gauging solutions