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Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
Beta LaserMike Inc.
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Beta LaserMike Introduces New Single-Axis Laser Diameter Gauge

New AccuScan 4012 single-axis diameter gauge is compact, highly accurate, and reliable, offering manufacturers a cost-efficient solution for product measurement during production

Dayton, OH – July 17, 2012 – Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, introduces its new AccuScan 4012 single-axis diameter gauge for on-line production.

Beta LaserMike’s new AS4012 includes all the powerful features of the larger AccuScan 5000 series of diameter gauges but in a compact, cost-efficient package. This laser diameter gauge integrates DSP technology and specially engineered optics enabling it to capture high-accuracy, low-drift measurements regardless of where the product is positioned in the measuring gate. The AS4012 performs 1200 scans/second and can measure product diameters from 0.1 to 12 mm (0.004 to 0.47 in) with accuracies to ±0.0005 mm (±0.000020 in). It also offers highly flexible communications, making it easy to connect to a host PC or PLC using RS-232, DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, Profibus, and Profinet. In addition, the AS4012’s small footprint enables it to be installed at a wider range of locations on the product line.

The new AS4012 can be equipped with a number of accessories such as an optional, ultra-bright display and operator interface for the easy viewing and configuration of measurement data. The AS4012 features rugged construction with a completely sealed enclosure to IP 65 (NEMA 4) standards for durable, reliable operation.