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Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
Beta LaserMike Inc.
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

The LaserSpeed non-contact gauge enables manufacturers to precisely measure pipe length and speed to better control cutting operations during production

Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, offers plastic pipe manufacturers the LaserSpeed® non-contact laser gauge to accurately measure product length and speed, control production costs, and improve process control.

Manufacturers of plastic pipe require the accurate length measurement of products. Accurate length measurements control cutting systems that produce products to exact production and customer size specifications. Accurate length measurements also enable manufacturers to properly position pipe to mark them with important product information. However, many manufacturers still use mechanical contact encoders or tachometers to perform these measurements not realizing they are getting 1% or greater accuracy at best due to slippage and mechanical issues. Length discrepancies can directly affect product quality and create waste, costing the manufacturer significantly.

Plastic pipe manufacturers requiring cut length accuracy use the LaserSpeed gauge to obtain precise and reliable length measurements for controlling a cutting system. LaserSpeed projects a unique pattern on the surface of the pipe, which is then reflected back to the unit and translated into speed. Pulses are generated at a rate proportional to the speed. The pulse output is sent to a control system, such as a PLC, to indicate length and trigger the precise cuts. Length and speed measurements are updated at a rate of 1000 times per second and transferred at a frequency up to 250 KHz to control the cutting system. LaserSpeed has no moving parts, is factory calibrated, and has a +0.05% measurement accuracy with +/-0.02% repeatability, making it the ideal replacement for contact tachometers. This eliminates the need for continual checks of cut length accuracy and constant tweaking of the control system. The result is significant cost savings by producing the correct pipe length with minimal waste.

Beta LaserMike offers a complete line of LaserSpeed encoders with measurement speeds up to 39,400 ft/min (12,000 m/min), standoff distances to 39.4 in (1000 mm), and measurement depth of field to 3.0 in (100 mm). Models are available to measure forward and reverse directions and down to true zero speed.

For more information on LaserSpeed, visit http://www.laserspeedgauge.com