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Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
Beta LaserMike Inc.
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Beta LaserMike Introduces Differential Speed Measurement System for Flexible Packaging at CPP Expo 2012

Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, introduces the LaserSpeed® Differential Speed Measurement System at the Converting & Package Printing Expo 2012 (booth #602) to help converters of flexible packaging accurately control the web tension of product during production. CPP Expo 2012 will be held at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio from April 18 – 19.

Most converters currently control web tension by either trusting the speed that their drives are reporting or using a mechanical contact encoder. While drives are becoming more sophisticated and more accurate every year, the simulated encoder output from the drive cannot compensate for slippage. Every product has some amount of slippage on the drive roller. The amount that the product slips can change based on texture, product composition, or even tension at other points on the production line. Contact encoders experience similar issues.

Beta LaserMike’s Differential Speed Measurement System solves this problem by measuring the differential speed of the web at two different locations without making contact with the product. The system uses the LaserSpeed Length Differential Indicator (LDI) and two LaserSpeed non-contact laser encoders to monitor the two different line speeds. The LaserSpeed encoders are placed at two critical measurement points on the line, for example at the exit side on the unwind station and the input side of the rewind station. Since the LaserSpeed encoder measures the product itself and not the drive roller, slippage is not a problem. Speed measurements are captured with better than ±0.05% accuracy and 0.02% repeatability, enabling the converter to precisely monitor and control the required amount of tension on the web.

The Differential Speed Measurement System can be equipped with either the LaserSpeed 4000 encoder for unidirectional measurement or the LaserSpeed 9000 encoder to measure forward and reverse directions as well as down to true zero speed to control very slow movements. Both versions can be interfaced with a PLC to control the differential speed and can be connected to a light stack or alarm to notify an operator when the differential speed exceeds tolerances. The LaserSpeed encoder is designed for heavy industrial environments, is easy to install, and is factory calibrated for low-maintenance operation. The measurement is performed optically, so there are no parts to wear out.

For more information on Beta LaserMike’s Differential Speed Measurement System, visit http://www.laserspeedgauge.com