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Beta LaserMike Shows Advantages of Non-Contact Measurement at MSV-International Engineering Fair

Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
Beta LaserMike Inc.
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Engineers from various industries and across the globe will get a first-hand view of Beta LaserMike’s non-contact measurement solutions for a range of production applications

Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will be exhibiting its range of non-contact gauges at the upcoming MSV-International Engineering Fair (Hall C, Stand 38). This fair will be held at the Brno Exhibition Centre in Brno, Czech Republic from October 3rd through October 7th.

Beta LaserMike will be demonstrating its LaserSpeed® 9000 series gauge. This advanced, laser-based technology precisely measures the length and speed of any product at a rate of 100,000/second without making contact. It has the capability to measure forward and reverse directions, and down to true zero speed (no motion). Length and speed measurements are captured with better than +/-0.05% accuracy and 0.02% repeatability. Depending on the model, LaserSpeed can measure product speeds up to 20,000 m/min (65,600 ft/min.) with standoff distances to 3,000 mm (118 in.) and a measurement depth of field up to 200 mm (8.0 in.). Since LaserSpeed uses no moving parts and is permanently calibrated, it is the ideal replacement for contact tachometers and rotary encoders which are prone to measurement errors caused by slippage, dirt build-up, and day-to-day wear. LaserSpeed works on all products regardless of shape, color, or texture, making it the ideal solution for controlling length and speed. Applications include wire & cable, tube, pipe, polymers, hot or cold metals, wood, paper, glass- and stone-wool, and more.

Beta LaserMike will also be exhibiting the following measurement and control solutions at this international engineering event:

  • AccuScan: an advanced laser gauge that delivers non-contact measurement of diameter and ovality for increased manufacturing accuracy
  • UltraScan: a powerful and unique ultrasonic gauge that provides non-contact precision measurement of tube and pipe wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter, and ovality
  • BenchMike: a table-top system that provides fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements of cut cable samples from wire, cable, tube, and metrology parts with immediate feedback and accuracies better than 25 µm
  • DataPro: a simple-to-operate process controller and data management system that continuously monitors cable, tube and pipe dimensions and automatically controls the line to keep production processes and product quality under control