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Beta LaserMike System Helps Optical Fiber Makers Increase Yields without Sacrificing Quality

Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
Beta LaserMike Inc.
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Optical fiber makers are maximizing production and profits by employing diameter measurement and flaw detection tools

Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, continues to see the adoption of non-contact measurement systems among the leading optical fiber makers to better maintain product quality and increase production yields.

“Today’s global forces are pressuring optical fiber makers to produce products faster, better, and more cost effectively to remain competitive,” said Ethem Erdas, product manager for wire and cable applications at Beta LaserMike. “The only way to maintain product quality while using faster draw speeds to increase yields is to measure the diameter and detect flaws accurately in real time at every stage in the draw tower process. We have seen a growing adoption of our non-contact measurement systems over the years, reflecting our commitment to delivering solutions with measurable and compelling ROI for our customers.”

Optical fiber makers are using Beta LaserMike’s FiberMike system to monitor each stage of the draw tower process. The measurement system includes diameter gauges, flaw detectors, and a measurement processor. Diameter gauges are used at the cladding, primary and secondary buffer coating stages to provide sub-micron measurement accuracy. A flaw detector is used after the secondary buffer coating stage to check for internal and external flaws in the product. The FiberMike processor integrates the diameter measurements from the cladding, primary and secondary buffer coating stations, along with flaw detection information, to provide accurate, real-time data and perform position control.

The FiberMike system is comprised of the following tools:

  • Model 200FI Diameter Gauge: Provides sub-micron accuracy (80 – 1000 µm) at speeds up to 2000 scans per second.
  • Model 360/200FI Flaw Detector Combination: Three-axis scanning technology precisely detects bubbles, delaminations, lumps and neckdowns, and other flaws in optical fiber at draw speeds exceeding 45 m/sec.
  • Model 282-14 FiberMike Processor: Compact and intuitive processor displays diameter and flaw detection data both numerically and graphically. Interfaces with draw controllers for complete process control.

For more information on Beta LaserMike’s FiberMike system, visit the company’s Fiber Optic solutions portal.