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Eliminating Eccentricity with CenterScan 2010 Non-Contact Eccentricity Gauge

Beta LaserMike Inc.
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

When the core of insulated wire and cable moves off-center, your product quality suffers. If left unchecked, this out of tolerance wire or cable eccentricity can leave you with reels of unusable product. This is why Beta LaserMike offers the CenterScan 2010 gauge.

This rugged, reliable, non-contact system uses a driver coil set and detection system constructed of optical and magnetic sensors. The driver induces alternating current into the conductor to produce a magnetic field along the wire. This induced magnetic field is detected by highly sensitive coil sets strategically located around the wire to determine precise location of the conductor. The optical measurement system, based on proven AccuScan technology, determines precisely the location of insulated wire. This location information and diameter measurement are used to determine the orientation of the conductor and the center of insulation to provide concentricity, eccentricity and angle measurement. This measurement data is transferred via various communication means to either a Beta LaserMike provided controller, such as the DataPro 5000, or a third party device for integrated process control.

The Centerscan 2010 offers the following advantages with respect to comparable offerings:

  • Higher resistance to EMI, providing the user more options in placement of the CS2010
  • Less sensitivity to positioning of the wire within the measurement area
  • Multiple Fieldbus choices for easy integration
  • More compact profile

The new CenterScan 2010 offers:

  • Non-Contact measurement
  • Multi-function measurements: eccentricity, flaw detection, diameter, ovality
  • Flexible communication for easy integration
  • Factory calibrated
  • Robust, compact design for reliable operation under harsh conditions
  • Optional ultra-bright integrated display
  • Integrated air purge for extended operation