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Beta LaserMike’s Non-Contact Laser Gauge Paves the Way for Accurate, Stable Length and Speed Measurements at Mills

Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
Beta LaserMike Inc.
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

LaserSpeed gauge captures accurate length and speed measurements for improving process control and controlling production costs at iron and steel production plants

Dayton, OH – April 4, 2013 – Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, announces that its LaserSpeed non-contact gauge enables iron and steel production plants to improve process control and better control production costs by accurately measuring product length and speed. Beta LaserMike will be exhibiting its LaserSpeed® gauge at the AISTech 2013 Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition (booth #927) in Pittsburgh, PA from May 6 – 8.

Today’s ever-increasing market demands are rapidly forcing changes in the iron and steel industries as manufacturers attempt to remain economically competitive. Global competition is making these industries take a fresh look at waste, wherever it exists in the production process. One area of concern is the use of contact-type methods to measure product length and speed, such as contact tachometers and drive encoders, which are prone to a host of measurement errors from extreme heat, scale-build-up, and mechanical failure of parts. To solve this problem, manufacturers are specifying the LaserSpeed® non-contact gauge from Beta LaserMike. As a result, they are realizing real productivity gains with this technology by significantly reducing measurement errors and improving process control.

The LaserSpeed gauge uses advanced, laser-based technology to precisely measure the length and speed of hot and cold iron and steel products without making contact. This laser gauge projects a unique pattern on the product’s surface. As the product moves, light is scattered back to the LaserSpeed gauge. This information is translated into product speed and pulses are produced to determine the product length. Length and speed measurements are captured with better than ±0.05% accuracy, ±0.02% repeatability. Since LaserSpeed uses no moving parts and is factory calibrated, it is the ideal replacement for contact tachometers.

LaserSpeed works on all types of products, such as rod, bar, tube, pipe, slabs, cold/hold strip, and profile. This highly reliable product is proven in mill applications involving continuous slab casters, billet and bloom casters, cutting control, elongation control in temper and skin pass mills, and gauge control in cold rolling mills, to name a few. Beta LaserMike offers a complete family of LaserSpeed measurement systems for a wide range of applications. For more information on the LaserSpeed non-contact gauge, visit