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Beta LaserMike Products Team Debuts New Measurement and Control Solutions for Industry 4.0 at Wire Dusseldorf 2018

Jay Luis
Global Marketing Communications Manager
NDC Technologies
8001 Technology Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45424

Dayton, OH – January 17, 2018 –The Beta LaserMike products team from NDC Technologies will be debuting several new gauging solutions with modern sleek styling and expanded capabilities in connectivity, communication and control consistent with Industry 4.0.

The new BenchMike Pro bench-top diameter and ovality gauge is an example of things to come from the Beta LaserMike products team at NDC Technologies. BenchMike Pro sports sleek, modern styling and offers expanded connectivity, communication and control features that increase performance capabilities to deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Ready for service under Industry 4.0, BenchMike Pro offers:

“Our new LaserSpeed® Pro non-contact length and speed gauge, UltraScan Pro wall thickness and concentricity gauge, and BenchMike Pro off-line diameter and ovality measurement system integrate more easily into production networks providing the real-time data exchanges and tight processing efficiencies that today’s manufacturers need to deliver true product quality,” says Stefano Cicetti, EMEAI Sales Director for NDC’s cable and tube business. “The new Beta LaserMike gauges provide the most comprehensive communications platform with expanded Ethernet connectivity. These new platforms also lay the foundation for future wireless connection and offer other extended connectivity options for improved operational control and enhanced processing capabilities for efficient production performance.”

  • The new LaserSpeed® Pro non-contact length and speed gauge offers the highest accuracy in the industry (better than ±0.03%) and the widest measurement depth of field for the full velocity range. LaserSpeed Pro offers a new, faster processing engine for faster communications and supports ModBus TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet IO and Profibus DP. Over 8,000 gauges installed worldwide.
  • The new UltraScan Pro provides high-speed, precision measurement of product wall thickness and concentricity and is now equipped with an expanded feature set that includes faster processing and measurement capabilities, high-speed tolerance checking, multi-layer measurements (up to 4 layers), enhanced connectivity via built-in web server and other advances. UltraScan is known industry-wide for its patented “SNAP” technology with full automatic setup and calibration for quick, simple operation.The new gauge supports ModBus TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet IO, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.
  • The new BenchMike Pro is now outfitted with a larger, higher-resolution display and offers faster communications processing. This highly accurate and reliable gauge now offers Ethernet and USB connectivity. BenchMike is the industry’s leading off-line diameter and ovality measurement system with over 15,000 gauges installed worldwide.

The Beta LaserMike team will also be exhibiting the latest version of its InControl process controller and data management system. Easy to set up, simple to configure and effortless to use, InControl gives cable makers precise and efficient control of production processes to drive quality manufacturing. An optional OPC UA server module offers flexible, central control.

Also on display is the AccuScan 6000 Series, the industry’s only four-axis scanning diameter and ovality gauge providing the highest accuracy to ensure products meet the tightest design and quality specifications. Other well-known Beta LaserMike solutions for wire and cable gauging will also be on display.